Franco Serblin Accordo Speaker, beautifully crafted speaker, designed by the late Franco Serblin, also well known for his Sonus Faber creations. This example comes with original packaging and is in immaculate condition. New price is around R 125'000
R 69 000

Franco Serblin Accordo Loudspeakers

Jeff Rowland Model 525 Stereo Amplifier, 250 watts @ 8 ohms/500 watts @ 4 ohms, 950 watts @ 8 ohms BTL, damping factor > 1000 @ 1 kHz!! Beautifully crafted amplifier in true Jeff Rowland manner. Exceptionally fast sounding amplifier with stunning focus. Made to drive difficult loads. This specific unit has only done about 50 hours, therefore still needs to be burnt in. New price R 69'500
Demo Unit price: R 43 500

Jeff Rowland Model 525

Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Valve Amplifier, including perspex cover, KT150 valves, 12 months old, with +/- 70 hours only, factory warranty will be transferred to new owner, immaculate condition, new price R 129 000
Reduced to R 62 500

Audio Research VSi75
Audio Research VSi75

Audio Research LS25 Valve Preamplifier, using four 6922 twin triode valves, offering beautiful pure Class-A valve sound, performance is smooth and detailed, with good sound stage and focus. The overall presentation is refined jet with power that extends effortlessly into the frequency extremes. Output gain selectable (6dB, 12dB, 18dB,) comes with the original manual and AR box, 6 months warranty(V 1 m). Furthermore, this unit comes with new high quality valves matched and sourced by Audio Research
R 23 800

Audio Research LS25

Audio Research Ref 3 Pre-amp, black faceplate, low hours, this Ref 3 has got the lowest hours of use of any Ref 3 in South Africa, client upgraded to Ref 5 SE, comes with the original manual and AR box, 6 months warranty (V 1 m)
R 44 900

Audio Research Ref3
Audio Research Ref3

Goldmund Tangential Tonearm, the Servo PL 8 was the last version of the famous Goldmund Tangential Tonearm. This unit comes with a variety of counter weights, a brand new silicone belt, original manual and top quality Goldmund/MIT Tonearm Cable. Also includes mounting bolts and original Goldmund Cleaning Liquid. The Servo 8 awards the Audiophile with exceptional sound quality, partnered with automatic lift feature. In comparison, conventional tonearms will sound dynamically restricted and ill defined in the base region. Springloaded turntables are not recommended
R 39 000

Goldmund Tonearm
Goldmund Tonearm
Goldmund Tonearm
Goldmund tonearm power supply

CD Sound Improver, from Audio Desk Systeme. Experiments coloring the CD edge with black or green felt-tip did not bring satisfying results. Only a couple of years ago, after endless test series, biochemist Dr. Erich Schrott and engineer Wolfgang Schneider achieved a significant breakthrough by finding an intriguingly efficient method:
Special offer R 7300 (was R 12 000)

Glass Systeme CD Improver

The outer edge of the CD has to be chamfered carefully with a defined 36° angle, so that stray light can peter out. The additional blacking of the CD edge absorbs the remaining straying laser light. On the basis of these groundbreaking research results, Audiodesksysteme has developed the CD Sound Improver. The CD Sound Improver optimizes the sound of your CDs in a few minutes only – lasting and clearly audible! Tuning with the CD Sound Improver perfects the true running of music CDs, data CDs, DVDs and SACDs. The reduction of light scatter makes previously unreadable data CDs accessible once again whilst improving the data rate. DVD films generally impress via sharper images.

Ayre MX-R Mono Blocks, 300 Watts into 8 Ohms, 600 Watts into 4 Ohms, totally rebuilt under Ayre warranty, only chassis is from original amplifier, therefore electronics are new. These are serious Mono Blocks and are preferrable to many American offerings in the same price league. A beautifully engineered audiophile product with benchmark build quality. Comes with original box, manual and special cloth covers. New price US$ 18'500
Price: TBA

Ayre AX5 Integrated Amplifier

Bel Canto Pre3 Preamp, offering balanced inputs and outputs, two remote rontrols (Universal Bel Canto remote), in immaculate condition, a very neutral performer and a bargain in the SS Preamp world
R 14 900

Bel Canto
Bel Canto

Audio Research Ref 2 Special Edition Phono Stage, Benchmark phono stage with 72 dB max. gain, balanced out, change your cartridge loading via remote, only 3 years old, 6 months warranty (V 1 m), client upgraded to Ref 10 Phono Stage
R 98 000

Audio Research Ref Phono 2 Special Edition

Audio Research CD3, with new drive unit which has done +/- 50 hours only. Very solid performer
R 21 500

Audio Research CD3

Plinius SA 103 Stereo Power Amplifier, delivers 125 Watts RMS Class A per channel into 8 ohms and 220 watts RMS Class A per channel into 4 ohms, as a Monoblock will deliver in excess of 400 Watts RMS into 8 ohms and 730 RMS into 4 ohms, current output 50 A per channel, this amplifier has had one owner and is in pristine condition, including original box and manual
R 47 000


Audio Research DSi200 SS Integrated Amplifier, 200 Watts into 8 Ohms, 350 Watts into 4 Ohms, balanced, including remote, this amplifier specifically works well with Maggies and Sonus Faber, 6 months warranty with original packaging,
new price R 100'000
R 65 000 Demo Unit Price

Audio Research DSi200

Audio Research Ref150 Valve Power Amplifier, with KT120, only 421 hours, glorious valve sound, 165 watts per channel, 6 months warrenty (V 1m)
R 89 000

Audio Research Ref150

Audio Research Reference 5 Valve Preamplifier, this model can be upgraded to the Special Edition version, comes with
a 6 months warranty (V 1m)
R 75 000

Audio Research Ref5

Naim Supernait 2, Integrated amp, 1 year old
Reduced to R 36 500
Naim Supernait 2

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp, including phono stage and remote control
R 29 900

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