Manley steelhead rc phono stage

R 48 900
Manley steelhead phonostage

Latest version with remote control. Highly rated phonostage which can also be used via it's variable output as a preamp. Unit is in beautiful condition. Original box and remote control included.
New price approx. R 130 000.

Clearaudio Master Solution Turntable

R 39 500
Clearaudio Master Solution Turntable
Clearaudio Master Solution Turntable

Including one tonearm Clearaudio Unify, which is a one point saphire bearing tonearm, carbon fibre/stainless steel construction, direct wired with Clearaudio Sixstream tonearm wire.
Also included in this package is the stainless steel LP-record clamping unit, Clearaudio Quadro Clamp.

The Master Solution Turntable can accommodate up to three tonearms and weighs 24 kg. This stunning German design offers outstanding sound for the most demanding audiophile.

Audio Research REF CD/DAC 9

R 82 000
Audio Research LS7 Valve Preamplifier

This is an incredible valve CD/DAC unit which has been traded in by one of our clients upgrading tho the new REF 9 Special Edition. Stereophile has given this CD player the much sought after product of the year award.

Sonically, the Ref CD 9 is combining the magical musicality of valves with new level of transparency.
Digital inputs: USB 2.0HS, AES/EBU, RCA, and Toslink. All inputs handle 24 bit/192k resolution.
Sample rate conversion is selectable for all inputs, allowing playback in native resolution or via upsampling, including compact disc and - for the first time - the USB input. Additionally, there is a selectable digital filter, with either fast or slow rolloff. It comes with its original box and a 6 months warranty (V 1m).

Audio Research LS7 Valve Preamplifier

R 8 900
Audio Research LS7 Valve Preamplifier

The LS7 features an all-tube circuit that delivers rich, satisfying sound and world-renowned Audio Research construction. A further enhancement by AR is a high quality Alps pot. This unit comes with new valves and new Audio Research valve damping rings. With original box and a 6 months warrenty (V 1m). Transport costs within South Africa included.

Audio Research LS26 Valve Preamplifier

R 34 000
Audio Research LS 26 Valve Preamplifier

The LS26 belongs to the Ref 3 Generation of Audio Research Valve Preamplifiers. This unit benefits from many enhancements, passed down from the Ref3, including new proprietary parts, special damping and other design elements. The LS26 is pure Class-A with zero feedback. Gain is provided by two long-life 6H30 triodes. According to Audio Research, the LS26 outperforms the vaunted Ref2 Mark II. New valves have been purchased 3 months ago by the previous owner and have only done 129 hours. Warrenty 6 months(V 3m).

Audio Research Ref 250 Monoblocks

R 229 000
Ref250 Monoblocks

One of the finest valve power amplifiers Audio Research has ever produced, offering up to 270 Watts per channel. Will make an ideal partner for any reference speaker in the highend world. These units include a brand new set of high quality Audio Research matched valves. Comes with a 6 months warrenty (V 3m).

Audio Research Ref 40th Anniversary Preamplifier

R 169 800
Audio Research 40th Anniversary Preamplifier

This sought after double chassis anniversary product from Audio Research is now available for the first time as a preowned unit. Designed with multiple stages of electronic regulation and specially custom designed components manufactured solely for Audio Research. The audio curcuit is what you would expect from Audio Research: an all-tube pure Class-A triode with zero feedback. Also the use of special custom Teflon coupling capacitors, each weighing more than 2 pounds, together with Teflon bypass capacitors, make this a true anniversary product. New price was $ 25'000. This unit is now offered with a full set of new matched high quality Audio Research valves. With original box and a 6 months warrenty (V 3m).

Audio Research LS 27 Valve Preamplifier

R 43 000
LS27 Valve Preamplifier

The LS 27 is a pure Class A design with a zero feedback and the massive power supply is fully regulated. Gain is provided by twin 6H30 triodes. This unit sounds very much like a Ref 5 on a slightly smaller scale, with an organic, livelike musicality. Audio Research indicates that the LS27 surpasses the performance of the classic Ref 3 preamp in virtually every way. Output gain is adjustable from 12dB, 18dB to 24dB. With original box and a 6 months warrenty (V 1m).

Clearaudio Master Reference

R 146 000
Clearaudio Master Reference
Clearaudio Master Reference
Clearaudio Master Reference

This turntable is the true measurement of perfection. Specially selected parts, excellent technical qualities, elegant appearance and pride of ownership. This is the first time that this masterpiece has come onto the preowned market in South Africa.

The Master Reference features the following benefits:
- Master Reference Chassis, designed to be resonance free
- Separate Accurate Power Generator, operating like a small power plant
- Three motors, using silicon belts
- Magnetic bearing
- Tangential tonearm included
- Totally isolated motors, ensuring a resonance free environment for the platter and cartridge
New price for turntable Euro 16'000, new price for tangential tonearm Euro 6'500

Dali Megaline Speakers

Mk III: R 389 000
Mk I:... R 298 000

Dali Megaline
Dali Megaline

This is one of the finest Full Range Loudspeakers ever made.
The Dali Megaline is a genuine line source loudspeaker which demonstrates very real advantages. This speaker is a statement product which stands nearly 2.5 m tall and uses no fewer than 15 drive units. A factor that distinguishes the Megaline from practically everything else on the market, is the use of an unusually tall ribbon tweeter that runs almost floor to ceiling.

The Megaline's tweeter is "nearly" a continuous ribbon, equivalent to 80 (!) 25mm domes. The main difference between a line- and a point source is that a line creates a cylindrical rather than a spherical soundwave and this has important implications. First, the sound pressure of a cylindrical wave decays according to a square law, where as a spherical wave follows a cube law. The practical implication is that there will be noticeably less variation in loudness as one moves towards or away from the line source speakers, and therefore creates a more consistant volume level throughout the room. Because the line source delivers a cylindrical sound wave, there is virtually no output upwards or downwards, restricting ceiling and floor reflections. The total sound reaching the listener will have a smaller proportion of room reflected content compared to a point source, and this will sharpen the stereo image precision. The influence of room standing wave modes is likely to be reduced, but the most intriguing consequence is that the sound balance remains consistent and image stays at ear height, whether you are standing, sitting or lying on the floor. A final point is that because a line-source speaker necessarily has a much larger driver area than a point-source design, the speaker has massive reserves of power handling, loudness capability and headroom, and also couples well to the air volume in the listening room.
Furthermore, this speaker system offers an easy amplifier load of around 5 Ohms and therefore is also a candidate for valve amplifiers.
The Megalines play in the league of speakers costing above one million Rand.
We also have a second pair available, which is the Megaline Mk I. Both models are set up for demonstration. Please call us for further details.
Also see Absolute Sound Editors Choice and Stereoplay Germany, Editors choice, as well as British HiFi Choice Special Collection.
Price includes transport costs and installation within South Africa. New price EUR 60'000.

Audio Research Ref 2 Special Edition Phono Stage

R 91 500
Audio Research Ref 2 SE

Benchmark phono stage with 74 dB max. gain, balanced out. Change your cartridge loading via remote from 47K to 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 ohms. The Reference 2 SE also includes early stereo Columbia and Decca equalization curves. There is a master tape-like sound quality, with the space of the recording environment reproduced with uncanny realism. 6 months warranty (V 1 m), client upgraded to new Audio Research Ref 3 Phono Stage.

Audio Research LS25 Valve Preamplifier

R 22 800
Audio Research LS25

Using four 6922 twin triode valves, offering beautiful pure Class-A valve sound, performance is smooth and detailed, with good sound stage and focus. The overall presentation is refined jet with power that extends effortlessly into the frequency extremes. Output gain selectable (6dB, 12dB, 18dB,) comes with the original manual and AR box, 6 months warranty(V 1 m). Furthermore, this unit comes with new high quality valves matched and sourced by Audio Research. Client upgraded to AR Ref 5.

Franco Serblin Accordo Speaker

R 65 000 negotiable
Franco Serblin Accordo Loudspeakers

Beautifully crafted speaker, designed by the late Franco Serblin, also well known for his Sonus Faber creations. This example comes with original packaging and is in immaculate condition.
New price is around R 145 000

Jeff Rowland Model 525 Stereo Amplifier

Demo Unit price: R 45 900
Jeff Rowland Model 525

250 watts @ 8 ohms/500 watts @ 4 ohms, 950 watts @ 8 ohms BTL, damping factor > 1000 @ 1 kHz!! Beautifully crafted amplifier in true Jeff Rowland manner. Exceptionally fast sounding amplifier with stunning focus. Made to drive difficult loads. This specific unit has only done about 50 hours, therefore still needs to be burnt in.
New price R 78 500

Bel Canto Pre3 Preamplifier

Was R 14 900
now reduced to R 12 900

Bel Canto
Bel Canto

Offering balanced inputs and outputs, two remote rontrols (Universal Bel Canto remote), in immaculate condition, a very neutral performer and a bargain in the SS Preamp world.

Audio Research CD3

R 24 000
Audio Research CD3

With new drive unit which has done +/- 50 hours only. Very solid performer.

Audio Research DSi200 SS Integrated Amplifier

R 59 000 Demo Unit Price
Audio Research DSi200

200 Watts into 8 Ohms, 350 Watts into 4 Ohms, balanced, including remote, this amplifier specifically works well with Maggies and Sonus Faber, 6 months warranty with original packaging.
New price R 100 000

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amplifier

R 28 900 Demo Unit Price
Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp

Including phono stage and remote control. The SP17 is pure Class A and a benchmark in its segment of the market. It will infuse new life and vitality into virtually any system.
New Price R 54 000

Dali Epicon Vocal Centre Speaker

R 32 500
Dali Epicon Vocal Centre Speaker

This is probably one of the finest Centre Speakers available, offers a ribbon tweeter which results in excellent voice reproduction, beautiful build quality, speaker has never been used, only been unpacked for photo.
New price R 79 000

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