Audio Research LS16 Mk2

R 16 900
Audio Research LS16 Mk2 large

An exceptionally well cared for, one owner, LS16 Mk2 has become available.
Inside this preamplifier you will find a class A gain circuit, using two 6H30 twin triods, rated to have an estimated service live of up to 10'000 hours.

Technical details:
Main output: 18 dB Balanced, 12 dB SE.
Balanced and SE inputs and outputs.
Tube compliment 2x 6H30.
Output impedance 600 Ohms balanced, 300 Ohms SE.

Included are a remote control and original box with manual.

Wadia 16 CD Player

R 17 900
Wadia 16 CD Player

Hi-Fi News once asked, is this the worlds best CD Player?

This is not only a CD Player but can also be used as a digital preamp.
It is equipped with 4 outputs: Glass and plastic optical, and coax and AES/EBU balanced. On the digital input the same four input options supplement the internal CD transport.
When it comes to the DACs, four Burr-Brown PCM1702 chips are used in current output mode, two per channel in a differential arrangement.

The Wadia 16 is ideal for Audiophiles which want to connect their source directly to a power amp.

Original box and manual are included.

Yamaha NS 1000 M

R 14 900
Yamaha NS 1000 M Loudspeaker

This well known Japanese speaker was an audacious product, one that would become a particular favourite in US and Japanese recording studios for its combination of transparency, bandwidth and power handling.

Most famous obviously for it's beryllium tweeter and midrange dome drive units.
These are the higher rated monitor M versions.

Technical details:
90 db/1W/1m
Minimum impedance: 4.6 Ohms
Size: 675x 375 x 326 mm
Weight: 31 kg

An absolute classic in loudspeaker design and highly sought after.

Excellent results have been achieved with Audio Research valve power amps, offering around 100 Watts per channel.

Audio Research Valve Dac Model 9

Demo unit price R 99 000
Audio Research DAC Model 9

A great opportunity to get your hands on this wonderful Audio Research Valve Dac which is the latest version, offering full Linux compatibility.

This is our demo unit which has only done 290 hours.
Included are a metal remote control, original manual and - packaging.
Warranty two years (V 3m).
Current new price R 159 000.

Specifications are as follows:
- Dac resolution 24 bits
- Dynamic range 140 dB
- Digital inputs: USB, RCA, BNC, AES/EBU, Optical
- Digital filters selectable fast and slow algorithms
- Upsampling up to 384 kHz
- Tube complement 2 - 6 h 30 Triodes
- Outputs balanced and single-ended
This Audio Research DAC Model 9 has been fitted with a valve clock, therefore the owner can see the hourly usage of the valves.

JL Audio Fathom F113 v2 Subwoofer

Demo unit R 89 000
JL Audio Fathom F113 v2 Subwoofer

The leading audiophile magazines have written very favourable reports on the F113 v2. This new version offers a powerful 3000 Watts amplifier, signal processing including flexible low pass filter, variable phase, switchable polarity, low base trim and the powerful Digital Automatic Room Optimisation. A calibration microphone is included.

Input connections are made via unbalanced RCA or balanced neutrik XLR jacks.
Finish is high gloss black.
Frequency response 18 Hz to 127 Hz.

Most of our customers have used the Fathom range from JL Audio to partner their top class two-channel speakers where integration and speed was of upmost importance.
2 year warranty.
New price R 132 300.

B&W DB1D Subwoofer

R 39 800
B&W DB1D Subwoofer

The DB1D is a very popular subwoofer in South Africa.
It has two 12 inch Aerofoil cone base units, driven by a 2000 Watt Class D amplifier.
A powerful combination of dynamic EQ plus automatic calibration and equalization ensures outstanding performance.

We have currently two units on offer, which are only a few months old, in high gloss finish.
The client upgraded to the JL Audio Fathom 212 v 2 subwoofer.
New price is around R 105 000.

Accoustic Arts Preamplifier 1 MK 3

R 29 500
Accoustic Arts Preamplifier 1 MK 3
Accoustic Arts Preamplifier 1 MK 3

Beautifully german engineered preamplifier, running in Class A mode. The circuit topology designed is fully balanced and optimized to realize very short signal paths. The unit is supplied with a metal remote control and original packaging.

- 3 pairs of XLR inputs, 2 pairs of RCA inputs
- 2 pairs of XLR outputs, 1 pair of RCA output
- 1 pair of surround bypass RCA

Meitner Ma-2 CD/Dac player

R 75 000
Meitner Audio CD/DAC Player
Meitner Audio CD/DAC player

A rare opportunity to purchase this High-End CD/Dac unit at an exceptional price.

- Analogue outputs: XLR and RCA
- Digital inputs: USB, AES/EBU, optical and coax
- Sampling rate: up to 192 kHz at 24 bits
- 2x DSD upsampling for PCM playback
- Descrete dual differential D-2-A conversion circuit
- High purity master clock
- 3 digital outputs
The Ma-2 is capable of upsampling digital audio to 5.6 Mhz which is double the standard of SACD.
New price is around R 170'000.
Remote control, original manual and box are provided.

Raidho D1 Loudspeaker

R 59 800 including stand
Raidho Loudspeaker

Surely this must be rated as one of the finest two-way standmount loudspeakers. It features the Raidho Diamond Driver and the Raidho Ribbon Tweater.

Technical Information:
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 85 dB
Size: 200 x 360 x 410 mm
Weight: 13 kg

We have achieved excellent results with the Jeff Rowland 625 S2 and the Audio Research Ref 150 Valve Amplifier driving this exceptional loudspeaker.

New price is around R 380'000.

Please note that one of the speakers is slightly damaged on one corner, hence the low price.

Martin Logan Impression Loudspeakers esl 11a

R 128 000
Martin Logan Loudspeaker
Martin Logan Loudspeaker

Exceptional Electrostatic Speaker which will offer the upmost in detail, speed and focus. The advertised unit is only a few weeks old, with very little playing time and is in immaculate condition with original packaging.
Ideal partnership would be a valve amplifier with 100 Watts upwards of stable power into 4 Ohms.

Sensitivity: 91 dB
Frequency response: 29-23'000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Crossover frequency: 300 Hz
Active base unit: 2x 275 Watts, 2x 550 Watts peak
Weight: 40,9 kg
Dimensions: 154 cm x 30 cm x 69 cm

The Absolute Sound 2020 Editors Choice, Absolute Sound 2019 Editors Choice
and numerous rave reports in Hi Fi +, Absolute Sound and other High End Publications.

New price is around R 249 000.

AYON Orthos XS Valve Monoblocks KT150

Now reduced to R 149 000
was R194 800

Ayon Orthos XS Monoblocks

These are truly amazing valve monoblocks with stunning looks and workmanship. Made in Austria.

The amplifiers have only been used for one year and come with very low hours. KT 150 valves typically run for 3'500 hours.

New price R 480 000

2x 400 Watts of pure Class A power. Zero negative feedback, no solid-state device in the signal path and a high current/low-impedance which operates it's tubes in a sweet spot. The Orthos XS has an automatic bias-circuit without a negative sonic influence. These amplifiers also offer the possibility of switching between Pentode and Triode mode.

Audio Research Balanced Line Driver BL1

R 5 900
Audio Research Balanced Line Driver

This fabulous unit will convert your single ended inputs to balanced outputs (XLR) with and additional 6dB gain.

In immaculate condition.

Mark Levinson 31.5 CD Transport

R 45 000
Mark Levinson CD Player

The ML 31.5 is a true audiophile component, weighing a massive 25 kg.
We have achieved outstanding results with the fully active Kii Three System and the new Audio Research DAC 9. Comparing this combination with our highly regarded streamer left us with no doubt that CD done properly can offer superior digital sound.

Digital outputs:
Optical (Toslink), DAS optical cable (AT&T), RCA, AES/EBU XLR type.

The 31.5 typically sells overseas for EUR 3200, excluding new laser and transport cost.

This unit is in prestine condition and comes with a new laser, original packaging and heavy duty metal remote.

Jeff Rowland Consummate Preamplifier

R 28 000
Jeff Rowland Consummate Preamplifier

This Jeff Rowland Preamp remains one of our all-time favourite preamplifiers.

All amplification in the Consummate operates in class-A with independant regulation located at each stage. The build quality is absolutely superb. This double chassis preamplifier offers exceptional musicality and compares to top valve preamplifiers.

Price includes heavy duty metal remote with infrared extender.

Furutech Daytona 303 Power Filter

R 37 000
Furutech Daytona 303 Power Filter

The Daytona 303 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made power distributor and filtering unit that eliminates many common problems caused by contaminated power lines.

The Daytona also features 3 ultra advanced isolating filter sections, including two analog, two digital, plus another pair of ultra high current audio filters.

All 10 Furutech receptacles feature non magnetic rodium plated fittings.

Origin Live Sovereign Turntable

R 36 800
Sovereign Turntable
Power Supply

Exceptionally good british Turntable, costing new GBP 6300.00, excluding Tonearm.
Fitted with a Rega RB 300 Tonearm, creating a lovely musical and fuss free combination.
Power Supply consists of two outboard units, offering speed adjustments for 33 rpm and for 45 rpm.
The Sovereign Turntable comes with it's original wooden crate and is in very nice condition.
Price excludes cartridge but includes perspex dust cover.

Lamm L2 Preamplifier

Reduced to R 79 000
Lamm Preamplifier

Another very interesting Lamm Industries component.

The Lamm L2 Reference Preamplifier uses specially selected high voltage MOSFET transistors that ensure class-A operation from input to output, with no overall negative feedback. The separate power supply features valve rectification and voltage regulation.

Unit is in immaculate conditon, 2 sets of valves are included, one of them brand new. Original wooden crate provided.

Studer Revox B795 Turntable

R 6 900
Studer Revox B795 Turntable

This Swiss Made Direct Drive Turntable includes the famous Revox Tangential Tonearm.

The unit has been recapped, fully serviced and includes an audiophile tonearm cable with expensive Eichmann Gold Bullet Plugs. Also included is a Goldring Epic Cartridge.

Lamm LP2 Deluxe Phono Stage

Reduced to R 42 000
Lamm Phono Stage

This award winning phono stage operates in pure class-A from input to output. Both MM and MC cartridges can be used with additional gain selector switches. Power supply features a full-wave vacuum rectifier.

Including 2 sets of valves, one of them brand new and original wooden crate.

Mcintosh c2500 Valve preamp/DAC/Phono Stage

R 53 000
McIntosh C2500 Preamplifier
McIntosh C2500 Preamplifier

This Valve Preamplifier is one of the most versatile High End preamps on the market. The C2500 offers a dedicated MM and MC Phono Stage and 5 digital inputs, including one USB. The digital input will decode digital music at up to 32 bits and 192 kHz, for high resolution audio playback.

Unit is about 4 years old and comes with original box, remote control and is in as new condition.
New price around R 120 000.

Mcintosh C46 Preamplifier with MM Phono Stage

Reduced to R 38 000
McIntosh C46 Preampifier

Typical McIntosh sound from this unit, with comprehensive benefit of equalisation and superb MM Phono Stage.

Unit is in immaculate condition and comes with original box and remote.

Lamm 2.1 Monoblocks

R 145 000
Lamm Monoblocks

A unique opportunity to own these fabulous $ 30 000 valve power amplifiers.

The Lamm 2.1 monoblocks provide binding posts for operation into 4, 8 and 16 ohms. With RCA and XLR inputs.

These amplifiers are in immaculate condition, 2 sets of valves are included, whereby one set is brand new, with original wooden crates.

Read fantastic report in Stereophile.

JL Audio Subwoofer f212v2

Demo unit price R 125 000
JL Audio Subwoofer f212v2

This is the famous Fathom 212v2 subwoofer from JL Audio.

Double chassis unit with 3.6 kW of power, offering digital automatic room optimisation. Frequency response 15 Hz to 157 Hz. XLR and RCA inputs. Weight 102 kg.

Finish high gloss black. Calibrated microphone is included.

This specific unit has only done 20 hours and comes with a 2 year warranty.

New SA Retail price R 189 900.

JL Audio f212v2 subwoofer brochure

Mark Levinson LNP2 Preamplifier

Mark Levinson Amplifier

This must be one of the most iconic Audiophile Amplifiers ever built. The LNP2 was Mark Levinson's first attempt on a balanced preamplifier with a phono stage and separate power supply.

The unit has been tested and is in full working condition.

Audio Research Ref160M Monoblock Valve Amplifiers

R 325 000
Audio Research Ref160M Monoblock Valve Amplifiers

These amplifiers feature a refined audio topology with fewer and better components in the signal-path. They offer switchable Ultralinear/Triode operation, auto-bias output tube monitoring and protection. Furthermore, these monoblocks include KT150's which last nearly twice as long as KT120's, providing better bass and stronger dynamics. They come with a child friendly cover and have only done +/- 450 hours. The new Ref160M breaks new ground sonically, aesthetically and operationally. It is a serious authority in today's audiophile world and will compare favourably to other high end amplifiers, as per numerous test reports. Our client has upgraded to the new Audio Research 750SE Limited Edition, hence the sale of these amplifiers.
The new owner will be given a 2 year warranty (V 3m).
New price $ 34 000.

Audio Research Ref 250 Monoblocks

R 199 000
Ref250 Monoblocks

One of the finest valve power amplifiers Audio Research has ever produced, offering up to 270 Watts per channel. Will make an ideal partner for any reference speaker in the highend world. These units include a brand new set of high quality Audio Research matched valves. Comes with a 6 months warranty (V 3m).

Clearaudio Master Reference

R 146 000
Clearaudio Master Reference
Clearaudio Master Reference
Clearaudio Master Reference

This turntable is the true measurement of perfection. Specially selected parts, excellent technical qualities, elegant appearance and pride of ownership. This is the first time that this masterpiece has come onto the preowned market in South Africa.

The Master Reference features the following benefits:
- Master Reference Chassis, designed to be resonance free
- Separate Accurate Power Generator, operating like a small power plant
- Three motors, using silicon belts
- Magnetic bearing
- Tangential tonearm included
- Totally isolated motors, ensuring a resonance free environment for the platter and cartridge
New price for turntable Euro 16'000, new price for tangential tonearm Euro 6'500

Dali Megaline Speakers

Mk I: R 189 500
Mk III: R 295 000
Trade-ins considered

Dali Megaline Loudspeaker
Dali Megaline Loudspeaker
Dali Megaline Loudspeaker

This is one of the finest Full Range Loudspeakers ever made.
The Dali Megaline Loudspeaker is a genuine line source speaker which demonstrates very real advantages. This speaker is a statement product which stands nearly 2.5 m tall and uses no fewer than 15 drive units. A factor that distinguishes the Megaline from practically everything else on the market, is the use of an unusually tall ribbon tweeter that runs almost floor to ceiling.

The Megaline's tweeter is "nearly" a continuous ribbon, equivalent to 80 (!) 25mm domes. The main difference between a line- and a point source is that a line creates a cylindrical rather than a spherical soundwave and this has important implications. First, the sound pressure of a cylindrical wave decays according to a square law, where as a spherical wave follows a cube law. The practical implication is that there will be noticeably less variation in loudness as one moves towards or away from the line source speakers, and therefore creates a more consistant volume level throughout the room. Because the line source delivers a cylindrical sound wave, there is virtually no output upwards or downwards, restricting ceiling and floor reflections. The total sound reaching the listener will have a smaller proportion of room reflected content compared to a point source, and this will sharpen the stereo image precision. The influence of room standing wave modes is likely to be reduced, but the most intriguing consequence is that the sound balance remains consistent and image stays at ear height, whether you are standing, sitting or lying on the floor. A final point is that because a line-source speaker necessarily has a much larger driver area than a point-source design, the speaker has massive reserves of power handling, loudness capability and headroom, and also couples well to the air volume in the listening room.
Furthermore, this speaker system offers an easy amplifier load of around 5 Ohms and therefore is also a candidate for valve amplifiers.
The Megalines play in the league of speakers costing above one million Rand.
We also have a second pair available, which is the Megaline Mk I. Both models are set up for demonstration. Please call us for further details.
Also see Absolute Sound Editors Choice and Stereoplay Germany, Editors choice, as well as British HiFi Choice Special Collection.
Price includes transport costs and installation within South Africa. New price EUR 60'000.

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amplifier

R 25 900 Demo Unit Price
Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp

Including phono stage and remote control. The SP17 is pure Class A and a benchmark in its segment of the market. It will infuse new life and vitality into virtually any system.
New Price R 54 000

Preowned Audiophile cabling

Audiophile cabling

We have a wide variety of preowned audiophile cabling on offer.

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