jeff rowland amplifiers

delivering exceptional sonic performance and impeccably constructed high end audio components

Jeff Rowland Amplifiers, imported and distributed by Esoteric Audio South Africa

    Conductor Phono Stage

    The new Jeff Rowland Conductor Phono Preamplifier is a statement product for serious vinyl lovers.
    The multiple inputs are highly configurable and easily accessed on the back panel, you can start off with just one input, even just an MM, and add as you go, allowing to run up to 4 different cartridges by simply changing the input button.

    Jeff Rowland Conductor Phono Stage

    Capri S2 Preamplifier

    The Capri S2 drives any amplifier with confidence.
    It has a line stage with two single-ended and two balanced inputs plus a home theatre bypass. The transformer coupling circuitry is chosen for universal compatibility. It has a switch-mode power supply, so there’s no need for different transformers to suit different mains voltages.

    Jeff Rowland Capri Preamplifier

    Corus Preamplifier

    The Corus linestage is not only gorgeous to look at, it’s also an ergonomic delight.
    It is highly capable, with four balanced inputs, two unbalanced inputs, four main outputs (two balanced, two unbalanced), and two record outputs. Any input can be set to “theater pass-through” mode for integrating the Corus into a multichannel sound system.

    Jeff Rowland Corus Preamplifier

    Continuum S2 Integrated Amplifier

    This integrated amplifier is a very elegant single box solution that combines a preamplifier, amplifier and a choice between a built-in DAC or phono stage.

    Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated Amplifier

    Model 125 Stereo/mono Amplifier

    The Model 125 stereo bridgeable power amplifier delivers dynamic realism and refinement, a perfect match for the sleek profile of its companion Capri S2 preamplifier.

    Jeff Rowland Model 125 Stereo Amplifier

    Model 535 power Amplifier

    The Model 535 is a bridgeable power amplifier that delivers exquisite resolution, precision, and control to speakers of almost any size and power.

    Jeff Rowland Model 535 Power Amplifier

    Model 625 S2 Stereo Amplifier

    The Model 625 S2 Stereo Amplifier is a powerhouse Class A/B design and rated at a substantial 325W/8ohm, while simultaneously exhibiting the charm and tranquillity of a pure Class A SET tube design.

    Jeff Rowland Model 625 Stereo Amplifier

    Aeris Dac

    This DAC design is based upon an asynchronous buffer, voltage controlled crystal oscillators and a 24 bit D/A converter under the precise control of an FPGA running proprietary algorithms.

    Jeff Rowland Aeris Dac

    Model 735 Monoblock Amplifier

    By using the discontinued Model 725 as a platform for ongoing research and development, Jeff Rowland has incorporated a number of changes into the design of the new Model 735.

    Jeff Rowland Model 735 Monoblock Amplifier

    Model 825 Stereo Amplifier

    Jeff Rowland Model 825 flagship stereo power amplifier provides excellent thermal heat transfer/dissipation, resistance to RFI and EMI and resonance control.

    Jeff Rowland Model  825 Stereo Amplifier

    Model 925 Mono Power Amplifier

    Touting a switch-mode power supply, the 925 Mono Power Amplifier puts out 400W in class-AB. Formed by four chassis: two power supply chassis and two audio chassis.

    Jeff Rowland Model 925 Mono Power Amplifier